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Sizzle Sites has been in the business of web development and web solutions since 1996. That’s over 20 years and a lot has changed since then. Our priority is to provide modern, effective and responsive sites and solutions that don’t cost the earth, but never compromise on quality.

Sizzle Sites has a background in science and having spent a few years in the USA, has picked up those soft skills you need to help businesses succeed and grow. The process of website development starts with having the ability to build rapport to really get a handle of what the client needs. This is key to ensuring success.

Sizzle Sites enjoys the independence of operating as a freelance web developer and web solutions provider, but also works within joint ventures that leverages skills and desire to maintain a top class product and service.

Sizzle Sites prides itself on providing responsive, modern and effective websites and solutions of the highest standard.

Agility and ability are just one of many skills seen at Sizzle Sites. Providing excellence in both experience and product development is paramount because we strive for that quality stamp of approval on everything we do. 

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