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Honey Bliss

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  • Mobile Friendly
  • Redevelopment
  • Wordpress
Client Name:

Honey Bliss

Launch Project

100% handmade HoneyBliss Range of natural skincare and healing balms.

HoneyBliss can’t stop buzzing about all the amazing health benefits that Active Manuka honey blended with Essential oils and carefully selected base oils and ingredients brings. All products are used on damp skin, as they are concentrated and you only need small amounts.

Case Study

Whenever Sizzle Sites is working on a project there is always a lot of planning that goes on beforehand. The first step is to always listen to want the client wants and of course, if we can make any helpful suggestions to achieve the goal, we will.

One of the first questions I ask is – “what do you want your website to do”. It might seem like a straightforward question but for every client the answer can be different.

In Honeybliss’s case, business owner Margie, had established a great brand and of course, created amazing products. Honeybliss already had a website which had been up and running for a couple of years but like most businesses, it needed modernising and simplifying.

As you can imagine Honeybliss had evolved over the last couple of years and the need to have a fresh look and approach to allow for customers to buy with ease was a priority if we wanted to increase those sales.

This project became part e-commerce, allowing visitors to find what they wanted and buy effortlessly and part - how do we attract, interact and convert.

Working alongside graphic designer, Sarah-Jayne of Lemonface Design and online copywriter/marketing strategist, Cherie, of Project Market, we all met with Margie to go through the various phases.

Working collaboratively with these different entities allows us to pool our individual skills and expertise to create powerful outcomes which is exactly what every client wants and needs. We went over the site map, looking at what pages Honeybliss had and how we could make them work cohesively.

In some cases, the art of effective website development is to show constraint so the site has a greater sense of order. We decided to show case the products more effectively, we had to use the “power of three” to highlight the three main category areas that would quickly funnel visitors to their relevant areas of interest.

It’s great to see Honeybliss up and running with a fresh look, feel and functionality that doesn’t just make it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for, but makes it easier to maintain and manage as well.

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